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Extremely Heavy Period

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HarryPotterAgog · 17/01/2020 22:35

Hi, quick rundown. I’ve always had very heavy period and was on tranexamic acid for it. However, the past 4 years I’ve been on a constant period that was far lighter so I’ve had no need for them. I’ve been to the doctors multiple times and all I’ve been told to do is lose weight.

The problem now is, the past couple of days I’ve been bleeding so heavily I’m bleeding through a tampon and a night pad in less than an hour. The doctors now don’t open till Monday and I’m really unsure on what to do.

Any advice would be really welcome, thank you.

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Serenschintte · 17/01/2020 22:39

I think i would go to the walk in clinic tomorrow
Also ask for your iron levels to be tested. Low iron and anemia can cause heavy periods. Hope you get some relief soon.

SuperPug · 19/01/2020 15:02

Hi OP, I've been trying to buy tranexamic acid- seems that Boots has stopped selling it, nothing in the local pharmacy etc.
Did you go to a walk in clinic? May sound daft but apart from taking blood tests are they able to help in any other way?

Redannie118 · 19/01/2020 15:23

Demand a scan. You should never be bleedy constantly and your GP is an utter disgrace for not looking into this. Not to scare you OP but my sister coukd have written this about 10 years ago. She was so aenemic all her hair fell out. My mum had to practially threaten violence before her gp agreed to have her scanned " But you wong find anything" were his last sneering words. They did- a huge tumour- she had uterine cancer at 30 years old. Evdn if its not that serious there is still things that cause constant bleeding that need checked out. Dont wait and go to your walk in. Please update us if possible. Good luck

Redannie118 · 19/01/2020 15:24

Sorry for typos !

emmathedilemma · 19/01/2020 18:44

I can’t believe you’ve been bleeding for 4 years and your GP hasn’t sent you for investigations! Insist on something - an ultrasound to check for fibroids and cysts is usually their first point of investigation, and a full set of blood tests.

HarryPotterAgog · 20/01/2020 20:31

Thank you everyone! I called 111 in the morning who got me an out of hours appointment. The Doctor has prescribed me tranexamic acid (which is doing its job thankfully) and has basically agreed with you all. He’s told me to argue with my gp until I get sent for a scan and blood tests and has also expressed his disgust in the treatment I’ve received. I’ll definately update you as it’s good to get confirmation that what’s been happening is unacceptable. Thank you again

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HarryPotterAgog · 20/01/2020 20:42

@SuperPug tranexamic acid is prescription unfortunately otherwise my Friday and Saturday morning would have been far easier!

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