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How to deal with these moods (period related)

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vadam · 11/01/2020 21:00

I can't describe the level of anger and irritation I'm feeling at barely nothing.

I started my period today, it's really heavy and painful but it's the moods and emotions I'm really finding difficult.

I'm feeling rage like nothing else, I don't want to speak to anybody and I feel hate towards my boyfriend. I dont even want to look at him. Everything he does and says is infuriating me and he's not even being particularly annoying.

How can I snap out of this? I feel so depressed and irritable I just want to scream. I've been asleep most of the day because of the fatigue that comes with my periods. It's so bloody debilitating Sad

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FagAsh · 11/01/2020 21:04


You might have PMDD, in which case Prozac is an utter godsend, it sorted me right out. I used to obsess over getting divorced, suicide, all sorts of stuff that really has no place in my other than leading Up to my period. Please do go. They will take it seriously.

Pinkbonbon · 11/01/2020 21:04

That sucks! I started mine today too, after the thing has been gone for like 4 months (adjusting after coming off the pill). I usually just get depressed and weepy a few days before it. But I don't live with a man so that means there's no one about to piss me off lol.

Could he just feck off to another room/house/country for a while? :)

Fearofawelshplanet · 11/01/2020 21:05

Have you had your iron levels checked recently, when I was like this I was anemic..trip to gp and some iron tablets made my situation better. Also taking ibroprofen to make periods less heavy so Icould cope at work too. It makes you so miserable, hope you find an answer soon!

BlackHillsofDakota · 11/01/2020 21:13

I have been taking boots complete woman vitamin tablet and they have really helped my moods. I was sceptical but they do work.
They are the size of horse pills though so no good if you struggle to swallow tablets.

KellyMarieTunstall2 · 15/01/2020 19:25

I've had the same, mood swings and heavy periods. The Dr prescribed me sertraline an antidepressant used for pmt which has helped a lot. Plus get a blood test as I'm now severely anaemic.

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