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Should I stop breastfeeding to help ovarian cyst pain??

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StillCounting123 · 02/01/2020 21:27

4 months post-partum and breastfeeding on demand.

Period hasn't restarted yet, and no sign of it. This is DC5, so I remember with my others that my period didn't return for a year until after I stopped breastfeeding.

3 weeks post-partum I started to get unbearable pain in right lower pelvis. This came and went with no real pattern, maybe one or two severe days per month but scattered throughout the month, IYSWIM.

I'm vomiting with pain, and actually miserable with it. It's a gripping burning sensation and I feel bloated in the right side of pelvis when the pain is there. Makes my back hurt too.

Had a scan saw cysts on right ovary. Going back again this month for a second scan.

Anyone got any wisdom about what might come next? How can I help myself? If I weaned DC off the breast and my period restarted would that help, cuz it's possibly to do with hormonal changes?

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Emmapeeler1 · 02/01/2020 21:33

I had an ovarian cyst, and didn’t know it was hormonal - I was breastfeeding but nobody asked me if I was so it wasn’t mentioned. I had a second scan (CT) to check what type of cyst it was and a scheduled operation to remove it but when I went back for my second scan it had shrunk on its own. It was really painful - I do sympathise.

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