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Very long period - scared

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Bucks2015 · 28/12/2019 22:16

My period started on the 18th day of my cycle which is very early for me. Started the afternoon after having had sex the night before - not sure
If that’s related or if the gap between that and bleeding started means it isn’t. It’s still going 15 days later with the odd day without bleeding/very light. Combination of bright red blood and brown blood.

I suffer from quite extreme health anxiety and ended up in a&e on Christmas Day as I got myself in such a state. They did blood tests which were all clear and the Dr categorically said it wouldn’t be cancer. However, I’m not sure they can tell that from a blood test. She said she would refer me for counselling and for an ultrasound to reassure me.

Smear booked in for 3rd Jan. feeling very down this evening as thought it had stopped as no bleeding today, then has started up again with red blood tonight.

Has anyone been in this situation? I’ve got a little girl and I’m absolutely terrified.

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Primrosepenny · 28/12/2019 22:18

Oh OP bless you. Honestly, if the doctor has told you it’s not cancer, you should take comfort in that because very very rarely do they make such confident statements like that. I know a couple of people who have had very long periods and it happened to just be a one off.

daffodilbrain · 28/12/2019 22:19

OP dont worry there are loads of reasons why your period is long. More often than not it's just one of those things

Bucks2015 · 28/12/2019 22:20

I’m 32

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LilyAraminta · 28/12/2019 23:53

That happened to me twice. Everything was completely fine; but both times I had been more stressed than normal and my eating was off. It was definitely anxiety causing, but just a couple "off" months.

Bucks2015 · 29/12/2019 08:43

Thanks everyone - I need to try and keep things into perspective and your replies have helped. I know I’m negative for HPV from a previous smear and I am very spotty currently so hopefully it’s just hormonal.

My brain is on overdrive and looking for every symptom which could be more serious. Currently latched onto a bit of pain/discomfort during sex a few weeks ago and how the bleeding keeps tapering off and then coming back very heavy. Will give Doctor a call tomorrow to chase up the scan and get their advice about the cervical exam given the bleeding is still ongoing.

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forkfun · 29/12/2019 08:46

I had this. Lasted for months. I had a huge hormonal imbalances. Very annoying but not serious at all. And fixed easily once my Dr worked it out.

Bucks2015 · 29/12/2019 19:02

Thanks - how did they diagnose the hormonal imbalance?

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jackny · 05/01/2020 18:47

I am a bit older than you - 48 but I recently experienced a period which went on for 8 weeks. Like you I was very panicked and thought it could be womb / cervical cancer. I had blood tests (Iron levels were low and I am peri menopausal) and a scan of my pelvic area both external / internal. The problem was put down to a small fibroid and hormonal imbalance. I am now on the mini pill and haven’t had a period for 2 months. I know it is hard not to worry but cancer is rarely the cause of abnormal bleeding. In fact, in a lot of cases, the doctors are unable to identify the exact cause. Hope they get it sorted for you quickly.

mumsnoangel · 05/01/2020 19:10

@jackny Thanks for this update it does help to reassure. Since the long period and post sex bleed I experienced I’ve had pink spotting which seems to have finally stopped. Waiting for a letter with an ultrasound appointment.

Bucks2015 · 05/01/2020 19:55

Thank you - the bleeding stopped after 19 days on New Year’s Day and nothing since then other then period pain on and off (which could be because I’m due on again Hmm). I had a smear test on Friday and the nurse said everything looked normal.there was a small amount of blood when she took the sample but she said that’s quite normal. I’m lucky to have private medical insurance via work so I’m seeing a gynaecologist this coming week to give extra reassurance.

Thanks to everyone who posted - it made a big difference and kept me calmer.

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