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Any treatment for larger vagina after childbirth?

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JulieJones22 · 27/11/2019 07:17

I gave birth to my DS naturally with the aid of forceps 20 months ago. Since then I have faithfully done my pelvic floor exercises using the nhs Squeezy app. Despite this my vagina remains...big!

It’s a problem as I don’t enjoy sex as much and neither does my husband. We are trying for another child so the sex part really needs to work...aside from the fact it’s a normal part of a healthy relationship.

I do feel embarrassed about it. My DH said it’s not my fault and just natural after childbirth that I don’t need to do anything. I really feel I do as I feel quite embarrassed about the whole thing and would like to have a satisfying sex life again.

OP posts:
Stressedout10 · 27/11/2019 07:22

The only procedure that I know of is a vaginalplastie (sp) but no dr will do it on you until you have had all of your children so once you have it's something that you can look into however if in the uk it's not generally done on the NHS so would be private

scaevola · 27/11/2019 07:25

Don't go for surgery if you think you might TTC soon.

Look instead for a physiotherapist who specialises in this, as they should be able to improve the exercise regime to tackle your needs

JulieJones22 · 27/11/2019 07:26

@Stressedout10 thank you. I was hoping to avoid actually surgery anyway. I was thinking more physio therapy or I’ve seen you can get cones that you put in and squeeze them. I don’t know if either of these things are helpful.

I guess I’m wondering what has worked for others.

OP posts:
EgremontRusset · 27/11/2019 07:27

You could try stronger PF exercises. Eg something like pelvic toner. And have you checked with a physio that you are doing your exercises correctly / what your strength is like?

TheQueef · 27/11/2019 07:27

Have you tried the weights?

JulieJones22 · 27/11/2019 07:27

Do you guys reckon it’s worth going to the doctors about it? I feel a bit embarrassed so have been putting it off.

OP posts:
Themyscira · 27/11/2019 07:31

I would bypass NHS and go to a specialist private physio, if you at all afford it. They are miracle workers.

This isn't just about your sex life although that is of course important. Your long-term health and comfort are involved here, too.

JulieJones22 · 27/11/2019 08:25

@Themyscira what do you mean by my long term health and comfort?

OP posts:
Themyscira · 27/11/2019 08:28

Possible bladder prolapse? I'm no expert but that area of the female body is all very much interlinked.

nocluewhattodoo · 27/11/2019 08:29

A lot of people don't do pelvic floor exercises in a way that will be effective, go to a physio they will be able to actually help.

TheQueef · 27/11/2019 09:47

30 years ago I used weights successfully (stopped piddling every time I moved)
I'm sure there is a more advanced way now but if you want to try before the GP/phys they do work.
Give you fanny ache though Grin

GrumpyHoonMain · 27/11/2019 09:52

Pay for a private women’s physiotherapist and get a good quality electric pelvic toner and vaginal cones / weights.

JulieJones22 · 27/11/2019 09:52

@TheQueef where did you get them from?

OP posts:
TheQueef · 27/11/2019 09:55

Mine were exactly like these, you add weight as you get stronger.
The only difference seems to be the box.

TheQueef · 27/11/2019 09:57

Just checked Amazon they have the same ones cheaper but also a variety of other brands.
Worth a try.

SophiaLarsen · 27/11/2019 10:59

Definitely second actually seeing a professional before buying the products. That way you can be assessed to see if you are doing the exercises properly.

I also have found that taking up running has really helped!

JulieJones22 · 28/11/2019 07:51

Thank you everyone. I’ve made an appointment with my GP to asked to be referred.

OP posts:
Tiredmumma27 · 29/11/2019 20:39

I am in the same boat. I had DC 18 months ago and I don’t think I shrunk at all since childbirth and kegels have not made a difference.

I didn’t think this happened at 20.

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