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Experience of mirena coil (coming from zero hormone intervention)

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Shoeshelpplease · 22/11/2019 09:12

Hi, I have just had a mirena coil inserted as part of ongoing treatment for endrimetriosis.

I was just wondering if I can ask your experiences of the changes anybody has noticed following insertion. I am particularly interested in any weight differences and ability to sleep.

I am peri menopausal but have had no intervention with hormones for many many years, no pill, HRT etc.

Would be interested to hear your experiences, good or bad.


OP posts:
thunderandlightening35 · 24/11/2019 12:46

Hi, I had the mirena put in a few years ago, I'm sorry to say but it didn't suit me at all, and 6 months later I had to practically beg to have it removed.
I put a lot of weight on with it, I just didn't like it at all.
Give yourself some time to get used to it and hopefully it'll be a better experience for you.
Everyone I have spoken to who have had it, really seem to get on with it, so I wish you luck

juneshowers19 · 26/11/2019 06:02

I had one put in on Thursday and woke up at 4am this morning totally consumed with 5am I was trying to take it out myself!

SmartyPants0 · 26/11/2019 06:12

I had one to help alleviate my heavy periods. No real discomfort having it inserted. I did have spotting/discharge for about 3/4 months then everything settled down. No weight gain or mood swings, in fact it helped with my pmt. No problems sleeping that I remember. I'm on my second one.

TheGirlFromStoryville · 26/11/2019 06:29

I had one about 18 years ago and loved it, it stopped my periods after 2 months and had no side effects.
Had another put in after Ds was born so 12 years ago and I had constant bleeding for a few months, weight gain, tender breasts etc and then it spontaneously expelled itself. Didn't bother getting another as DH then got the snip.

RoseReally · 26/11/2019 06:33

I've had 3, about to get 4th put in. Love it as it stops my period. With the first one, I sometimes would get very tender breasts. Haven't noticed any other side effects.

littlebillie · 26/11/2019 06:54

I have it and it's okay better than the alternative

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