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Spots!!! Breakout after holiday/sun cream

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Nicola1892 · 19/11/2019 08:31

Hi people, we went on holiday end of August for 2 weeks and I used mainly piz buin oil for the whole holiday. Ever since I’ve been plagued with spots! It started on my chest and neck and now my checks/chin on one side is absolutely covered and they are really painful. They all started as small lumps but I just can’t get rid of the ones on my face 😩.

I’ve never been a spotty person and I’ve never had any problems with sun cream/oil in the past!

I wash my face daily, I use spot scrub, I moisturise I’ve even stopped wearing make up daily but nothing is helping ☹️

Any tips or tricks what might help?

OP posts:
userxx · 19/11/2019 08:33

Origins spot remover is the best stuff I've ever used and I've used a lot, it's not cheap and the bottle is tiny but a little goes along away. If you still have them on your body maybe something with tea tree oil in will help.

Every year I break out in spots because of sun cream.

purplefig · 19/11/2019 08:48

Sunscreen is notorious for causing spots. I have tested an extensive range and the only two that haven't resulted in spots for me are The Ordinary Mineral Sunscreen (about £8 and easy to get hold of in the UK) and Biore Watery Essence (similar priced chemical Asian sunscreen, but harder to get hold of).

As to your current situation, you asked how to get rid of your spots. If I were you, I'd be going down the chemical (not physical exfoliation) route.

Physical exfoliation is what you're referring to as spot scrub and it's abrasive, irritating and not very effective.

Chemical exfoliation, in my experience, is much more useful at sorting out skin texture issues.

In your position I'd buy an AHA (works to improve the surface of the skin) and a BHA (penetrates beneath the skin to clear excess sebum etc.) and use them on alternate nights with rest days in-between (e.g. mon BHA, tues AHA, wed neither etc.)

Product wise, I love The Ordinary as it's cheap and effective. I also rate Paula's choice.

Important notes:

  • you must wear sunscreen daily if you chemical exfoliate
  • don't go hell for leather with the acids, ease your skin in gently. Persistence pays off.
  • hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Acids are drying, so you'll want to combat it with hydrating serums* and moisturiser

* I am a huge fan of Superdrug's Simply Pure Hydrating Serum...and it's only £2.99 a pot!
purplefig · 19/11/2019 08:50

Can't believe I forgot to add...don't pick at your spots! If you must 'manage' them, google the spot hydrocolloid plaster method (you don't need to buy fancy patches, most blister patches work).

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