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What questions should I ask?

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HeatedDryer · 06/11/2019 17:36

I wasn't sure whether to post here or on the menopause board.
I'll explain the whole situation and would be really grateful if anyone can suggest what questions I should ask at my doctors appointment next week.
I'm 45 and have been experiencing what I am fairly certain are peri menopause symptoms for a couple of years now. The main one is anxiety which presents as physical symptoms, racing heart, churning stomach, sensation of lump in throat, gagging when its really bad. I have no logical reason to feel this way, my life is not particularly stressful, only work part time, happily married, two DS who are getting older and more independent - logically no real reason to have these symptoms and yet they persist.
I also on occasion get hot flushes/night sweats, brain fog, trouble getting off to sleep, waking up early. Very tearful/grumpy when pre menstrual. Put on weight due to comfort eating. Occasional visual migraines.

I am still having light periods and am on combined contraceptive pill.

About 6 months ago I went to the Gp with these symptoms (apart from the migraine which is a more recent development). She suggested anti depressants, saying I was too young for HRT and also because I was still having regular periods she wouldn't be able to give me HRT anyway. I decided I didn't want to go on anti depressants and struggled on. This morning I went to see the nurse to get a pill check and my next 6 months pill prescription. The minute I told her about the migraines she said she would need to speak to the GP. We then spoke about all my other symptoms, I did get tearful as its been going on so long and I am fed up of feeling this way. I now have an appointment to discuss all of the above with the same GP next week. I don't really know what to ask for, I know anti depressants are not necessarily the best for peri meno symptoms, but I would try them if they would help me feel more normal again.

Sorry that was so long! Any advice very gratefully received.

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