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Symptoms on the pill different after having a baby?

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HoneyBee03 · 06/11/2019 12:25

I was on the combined pill (Microgynon) for 10 years before coming off it and getting pregnant. I had no symptoms or problems, very light periods, etc. So I was quite happy to go back on it nearly a year after having my baby when breastfeeding was finished.

This time however I am getting a lot of symptoms that I've never had before. Can pregnancy and birth affect my hormones and change how my body responds to the pill? I've been back on it around 4 months and get daily headaches, random feelings of sickness that come and go, I'm putting on weight (not loads, but my weight has never varied much), the mood swings I get are absolutely horrendous and my periods are very heavy.

Has anyone else found that they react differently to their pill after having a baby? There's a very long wait for a GP appointment so I'm wondering if I can pinpoint the problem in the meantime.

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museumum · 06/11/2019 13:03

Yes. I had the mini pill before pregnancy with no periods at all. After pregnancy the same pill made me bleed continuously for six months till I gave up.

HoneyBee03 · 07/11/2019 09:31

That's rubbish! I had a feeling it could just be different but couldn't understand why it would be. Maybe I just need to power on with it.

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