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Spots under breast**worried

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Meganc559 · 18/10/2019 23:42

I m 22 and generally in good health!
A month or 2ago I notice I was itchy under my left breast and when I checked I had red marks which was slightly raises and started to bleed when I scratched them

I m not sure if it went away or it just wasn't itchy as I totally forgot about it, however today I noticed the exact same mark was there as I was itching again, its not changed in size or shape which makes me think it was never gone

It could be my bra rubbing as the ones I have are 2 small, could just be general chaffing however I m thinking the worst an dit could be an early sign of cancer.
I haven't got any lumps or any other symptoms which make me think it's not serious, if anyone's had this before it would be good reassurance

Spots under breast**worried
OP posts:
bionicnemonic · 18/10/2019 23:53

Could be an allergy to washing powder. Or sweat rash. Could be impetigo. Don’t dismiss it. Best get your doctor to look at it.

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