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Spells of uncontrollable shaking after giving birth

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Beryl14 · 17/10/2019 09:14

Has anyone experienced uncontrollable shaking after giving birth? My daughter gave birth last Saturday morning and yesterday (5 days after giving birth) she had two occurrences of uncontrollable shaking. Both occurred whilst she was breast feeding on one side but the third episode happened at random over last night. These are violent shakes. Her baby is fine having just responded well to antibiotics after an infection. She has been tested for infection herself but results are not yet back.

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MustardScreams · 17/10/2019 09:16

Could just be a weird reaction to hormones etc, but good that’s shes getting checked out. It may be worth calling the maternity unit at the hospital to speak to someone.

Is she still wearing her compression stockings? Any temperature?

Beryl14 · 17/10/2019 13:35

She hasn’t been able to leave the hospital yet so she’s still there.
She does have a temperature, particularly during the shaking episodes, and I think her blood pressure has increased whilst having them. But she hasn’t had any compression stockings on at all.

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Babdoc · 17/10/2019 13:38

I’d check for a urinary tract infection. They can cause rigors like this. But if she’s still in hospital, she should simply tell the ward doctor, and get it looked at.

44PumpLane · 24/10/2019 05:21

This happened to me post section, I had bouts of unconyrollong shivering/shaking but would also feel freezing with it.

It died down about 5 days after it started and was related to my hormones.

HollyBollyBooBoo · 24/10/2019 05:23

Yes I did! Wore off after a few days. Must admit in the chaos of post birth I never thought to ask what it's cause was.

OvalCanvas · 24/10/2019 05:32

It happened to me over a few days , I'd wake up feed the baby and my teeth would be clattering together as I was shaking.

I didn't get it checked out and it stopped after a few days, I assumed hormones also.

blackteaplease · 24/10/2019 05:42

I had this too after ds1. The midwife said it was rigors but wasn't too bothered.

If she is still in hospital the ward doctor can check for I fection but it's probably hormonal

Beryl14 · 24/10/2019 16:46

Thanks for the above comments. It turns out it was a UTI and was quickly dealt with once that was realised. It was quite worrying when it happened, her whole body was shaking violently for periods up to 45 minutes, but thankfully all sorted now! Thanks for your interest.

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