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Bleeding between periods

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kingfisher90 · 14/10/2019 14:31

May I ask those of you who bleed between periods if your loss is a lot different to your actual period?

My last period started aug 26, normal symptoms before hand. (I always get a few days of very sore boobs, moody etc)

I had light blood loss before this then again sept 16th -27th and now again. I thought I would get my period now, but this is just too light, no clots etc, more evident when I go to the toilet, Is this normal? (I am seeing the gynaecologist tomorrow)
How do I track what is a period and what is just blood loss before periods?
(I’ve had a swab & ultra sound both were clear)

Should I see a pattern? Or is it just Mayhem from here on ?

OP posts:
catnidge · 14/10/2019 18:44

I had a period of constant bleeding and found it very hard to give dates of periods with any accuracy.
Its good that you are seeing the gynae tomorrow, they will be able to sort out any further tests.

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