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Miscarriage symptoms journey

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TrickortreaT2 · 07/10/2019 09:36

So few days ago i miscarried my 7 week old baby.. my first ever pregnancy.

I just want to know if anyone has miscarried and what were your symptoms before you miscarried. Did anything feel off?

Il tell you mine and if anyone has has the same or similar please let me know.

So two weeks before my miscarriage i had an infection called bacterial vagignosis. My discharge had a strong fishy odor, discarge was becoming yellow. Doctors didnt want to check it or treat it as i was in my first trimester.
A few days later i just stopped feeling pregnant (even tho i wasnt bleeding) I just wasnt seeing any new pregnancy symptoms.
A few days after i felt a difference in my vagina opening... it felt more opened... (At this point i didnt think much of it..just thought its prob a normal thing in pregnancy)
The infection was still here, discharge had become more yellower.
I then had my scan (at this moment i still thought i was ok i didnt expect the worst) where i was told i shouldve been 9 weeks but baby has stopped growing at 7 weeks and 3 days... and theres no heartbeat.. and possibly it could be a missed miscarriage. Two days later i started bleeding and four days after the sac came out...

I just want to know if anyone else went through similar. I just feel like i shouldve gone earlier to midwifes and got things checked.

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