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Reusable sanpro & period pants

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Celebelly · 06/10/2019 14:17

Much to my despair, my period has finally returned after giving birth in Feb (I'm guessing as DD has stopped feeding overnight and I stopped pumping before bed too). On the plus side, the horrendous period pain I used to get seems to have vanished and I have zero pain at all!

Anyway, I've been reminded how bloody uncomfy sanitary towels are, and in a fit of irritation last night after one became unstuck, I've ordered some reusable pads and some period pants from Cheeky Wipes. I've never been a fan of tampons and I'd rather not do a Mooncup for now.

Does anyone use reusables and have any tips? I don't have a particularly heavy flow, so I'm not sure if I'll have to wear pads with the pants or if I can get away with just them on their own.

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Justbenice1 · 04/02/2020 23:58

Hello, I know you posted this in October but I do hope you've had a try with cloth pads.

I made the switch last year. I have a very heavy flow that lasts for around 7-10 days. I love them, they are so comfy I would never go back to plastic disposable crap unless I was desperate somehow. If I'm out and about I just take a little waterproof wash bag with me in my bag to put the used one in. There's no smell, no nastiness as they just build us neatly. Honestly you just get used to it and I actively don't mind my period at all now.

skoobi1 · 05/02/2020 11:54

I have a really heavy flow. How long does your pad last you before you need to change it?

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