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My mystery pain after sterilisation....

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Username12348 · 23/09/2019 23:05

Hi there,
About 3 years ago I decided to go for sterisation, or the fallpian tubes clipping ( tubal ligation). I was told it all went well. The firs period after surgery came around a month later (as expected) and in the first day a felt a super sharp pain on my lower left side of the abdomen (kind of where the clip is expected to be). The pain was so sever I could breath or stand up. On my return to see the gynicologist, and following a scan and check up, she confirmed all seems perfectly normal. She stressed the surgery went really well.
The pain was gone within a few hours like nothing happened. Couple of painkillers were essential to get me going.
Next period came, the whole thing again, exactly the same. Couple of hours before the bleeding starts, a sharp stabbing pain coming from the very same focalpoint. And to be honest, 3 years on, and it is still the case. 9 out of 10 oeriods I will experiao the same and exactly 2-3 hrs prior to the bleeding. Last night I woke up from the pain. I could only return back to sleep with a pills.
The pain usually last amfirna few hours, then gone like nothing. Mild period pain sometime continues for the day after but then it all get quiet again for a month.
So what is going on here??? I was trying to research it but can't find anything describing the pain going away. If there is pain, it is usually chronic from the clip migrating or not being placed correctly. The Dr told me a few times now she can't see anything in the scan that can explain this. I am going mad and upset I have a few more years like that and utill the menapouse.. or else.. the other option is to remove the tubes all together but I absolutely terrified by the idea, going another surgery and get hit with a possibility early menapouse-like symptoms at my age! 😭
Please share if you know anything about such thing.. or tips as to what I should do? thank you so much.

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