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Pregnancy and genital herpes!

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Courtney10891 · 21/09/2019 08:26

Hi guys,

Currently 35w 5 days pregnant with baby number 2! I’ve had herpes for 6 years now. I managed to give birth vaginally with my first son, I didn’t have any outbreaks at time of delivery and didn’t have any from about 29 weeks. However I’m suffering at the moment with a really bad cold and surprise surprise have just got an outbreak! I’m so scared! I keep thinking shit what if I go in to early labour, will my baby be ok? I’ve expressed my concerns to my midwife but they don’t really seem to be bothered and have explained to me that because I’ve had it so long my baby will get the antibodies from me and the chances of him getting it are like 1%. But I’m still petrified! 1% is still a chance. Has anybody got any advice?? I’m going to start taking acyclovir from Monday but I’m so worried this time around and this outbreak is a pretty bad one! X

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pollysproggle · 23/09/2019 10:26

Hi @Courtney10891
Have a read up about taking a lysine supplement. I take it daily for cold sores which used to plague me, I know it's a different strain but believe it works for both and I took it during pregnancy too.
I haven't had a cold sore in 3 years since taking it, it's changed my life!
Could help stop breakouts entirely, I get it from Holland & Barrett.

Courtney10891 · 23/09/2019 16:05


Thanks for your reply!! I’ve heard so much amazing things about lysine I just wasn’t sure if it was safe i. Pregnancy but just googled it and apparently it is safe to take xx

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