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Can you still get period pain whilst on the Mini pill? Could it be ovarian cancer?

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Isobel999 · 05/09/2019 22:07

Hey everyone!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this I’ve currently been crying for the last few days absolutely convinced I have ovarian cancer I guess it all started when throughout August I had a urine infection basically the whole month they kept finding Ecoli in my urine, the doctors gave me anti biotics it then came back 24hours after finishing them so they put me on another type of antibiotics which I felt helped however I haven’t felt normal since it no longer burns when I pee but when I need to go it hurts to hold it and I need to quickly get to the toilet. I’ve always had this fear I’d have ovarian cancer it’s always plagued my mind and I seem to have all of the symptoms I’m bloated, peeing a lot basically all the number one symptoms google or YouTube survivors had.

Now this week I’ve been crying pretty much 24/7 it feels like because I’ve also had a dull ache in my womb / bladder / ovary area I’m on the mini pill because I could no longer take the combined pill as I was getting aura migraines and since changing I’ve never had a period and I’ve gained about a stone in weight... great lol. So at the end of July I came off my pill I wanted a break I was going to try and not have any birth control but after 7days and no period I decided to start a new 28day pack (I’m not pregnant so I’m not sure why my period never came) so as of this week it’s been 28days since I started that pack and I’m just about to open a new pack for the next 28days could these period type sharp pains be anything to do with that?? In my head I’ve convinced myself I have ovarian cancer so I am absolutely petrified but I’m also praying the pill has something to do with all this and I’m hoping someone on here has experienced the same as me??

I’m seeing my doctor on the 11th to check my pee again for any blood and I’ll discuss everything again with him but every time I mention cancer to them they make me feel silly that I’m only 29 and it’s very rare which yes I agree it is rare but it’s possible and I could be one of the rarities

What do you guys think? Any help and advise will be really appreciated

Thank you so much for reading my essay

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witchy89 · 05/09/2019 22:12

I came off the mini pill because it gave me irregular periods, spotting, bloating etc. I also got really bad ovulation pain with it. So bad it felt like I'd been kicked in the uterus, like a bruised feeling inside. I had to take painkillers sometimes it was so bad! I did get referred for a pelvic scan to make sure it wasn't ovarian cysts, which it wasn't luckily! Definitely go back and have them check your urine again, and perhaps ask about a pelvic scan? No woman should be left to suffer with chronic pelvic pain and not taken seriously, it really annoys me that we are basically expected to just put up with it!

Isobel999 · 05/09/2019 22:28

Thank you for replying @witchy89 every ovarian cancer survivor I’ve seen has said the doctors never took them seriously and they could have found it so much sooner if they’d listened especially when your younger it frustrates me so much with a lot of illnesses how they never take you seriously, they always seem to say it’s anxiety or stress but I’ll definitely mention the scan to my doctor and see what he says I have been reading about cysts as well I just really need peace of mind because at the moment I feel like I’m going mad and I have a 7year old that I’m petrified I’m
Going to die and leave behind which is making everything worse xx

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