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CA 125 level

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worrier1983 · 02/09/2019 23:39

I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light or confirm if they have had similar symptoms..
so a few months ago I was experiencing some rectal bleeding nothing major just a little in the tissue, after having children and suffering with piles I put it down to this being the likely cause however a few months ago I had two heavy rectal bleeds the whole toilet water was dark red with blood so I went to the gp who confirmed this was a fissure and I have since had no reoccurrences..
Over the last 6 weeks I have suffered with pain in my tummy and tenderness in line with my belly button to the left side, bloating on and off and hip and lower back pain on my left side so I went back to the gp who took a load of bloods tests including A CA 125 test as on top of this my periods have been irregular the last three months.
Today my results came back with a slightly raised CA 125 level of 41 and now the doctor has referred me for a scan.
I have had no very low down pain(ovary area) apart from before bowel movements this can be excruciating but immediately is relieved after.
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has been through anything similar and can shed some light on symptoms or outcomes


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VivLevi · 03/09/2019 17:23

Not sure if it is of any help to you but currently suffering similar symptoms.
Lower tummy pain below belly button
Sometimes in the area where I presume my ovaries are I get a sore sharper pain.
My old c section scar (really old DD is 16) has started burning.
Lower back and hip also sore usually worse in morning- need to lie with a hot water bottle on it for 20 minutes until I can get moving in morning.
Saw my GP who did CA125 also and if elevated will send me for pelvic scan.
Sometimes I think it originates from bowel too as I get relief when I have passed a stool .
I guess I am trying to be reassuring that there is a lot going on down there in a small area so can be many minor things causing issues.
From what I have read your CA125 isn't hugely elevated and hopefully things will become clearer for you soon.
My DH has had rectal bleeding on and off for years been fully investigated numerous siggys/colonoscopies and verdict is internal piles -they can really bleed.
Good luck.

worrier1983 · 04/09/2019 21:50

Thanks @VivLevi

I had my ca125 result Monday afternoon and my scan appointment was waiting when I arrived home from work today! I'm so relieved I haven't had to wait for weeks and I just hope it all looks okay Monday Smile I really hope you get some answers soon! I'll keep you posted on the scan

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