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"Slightly abnormal cells" and TTC?

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Zapz · 24/08/2019 22:47

Guys, I'm panicking! Have one DD who is now 10 months. Hubby and I just gearing up to start TTC for number two (like literally this month), and results from smear are in with "slightly abnormal cells". No mention of HPV so can only presume they didn't/don't test for it, but they've asked for another smear test in 6 months. What do I do?! Do I wait until then (and then hope it's clear) before ttc, but then what if it's not? Feeling totally stressed right now! Really don't want to wait, but at the same time don't want to screw my health up either... Any advice greatly greatly appreciated, and sorry for the panicked message. Blush

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ELM8 · 24/08/2019 23:00

I was told when I had a smear to wait for clear results before TTC.. double check with a medical professional but I would suspect the advice would be to wait..

Zapz · 25/08/2019 06:14

@ELM8 thank you, I guess I'm wondering because I've heard that slightly abnormal cell results can continue for years?

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