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C section scar infection

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harleybluej · 22/08/2019 18:34

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on healing an infected c section scar that has had to have puss squeezed out of it at the hospital... (absolute agony) they sent me home and said to clean it and change the dressings as and when needed but not all of the puss has been squeezed out and still causes pain when cleaning it myself. I just want reassuring that the antibiotics will hopefully clear it all up and won't necessarily get worse if I can still see some puss (sorry I know this all sounds gross)

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Canavan1191 · 23/08/2019 12:29

I was advised to keep mine dry and change the dressing once a day along with taking my antibiotics, I used to bath first thing in the morning with the water as hot as I could stand and loads of salt, I'd sit for a good 20 mins and I could see the puss oozing out after about 10 mins (sorry tmi). My first c section was badly infected so I also dabbed some tea tree oil mixed with breast milk along the scar and it started to heal faster after 3 days of doing that, I had an old school midwife who told me about the tea tree and milk trick. Just drink plenty of water and get as much rest as you can and hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.

harleybluej · 23/08/2019 20:15

Oh wonderful, thank you for the tip, I was a little worried about putting anything but water on an open wound (I have quite a deep hole where the infection was) but a little breast milk should hopefully be OK on it. Also sorry to hear about your c section experience xx

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