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15 months pp first period.. worried

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Goodgollymiss · 03/08/2019 11:57

Hello.. after getting home from work on thursday evening I used the loo and discovered my period was back.. have heard first period after baby can be pretty gruesome so prepared myself (immediately ate contents of homeGrin) yesterday very light flow in morning and spotting throughout the day ... today gone.. should I be worried? Or is this normal... my baby is nearly 15 months and still bfing.

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HelC46 · 03/08/2019 19:18

Hi all, just a quick question. I am 45 and have had iffy cycles for about 18 months. Started when I was very late then didn't stop bleeding and had to have hormones to kick it back on track. Since then anything up to 30 ISH days and then really heavy. Now 10 days late but spotting on and off, sore boobs, bit of cramp but nothing much, very tired. Should I bother doing a pregnancy test or just wait it out? We use contraception so very unlikely pregnant just perimenopause being a cow but the longer it goes on think should I? By the way I am guessing at 10 days late could be a bit longer as can't probably remember but definitely had period end of May but can't remember about June. Just got app to start logging things as not a clue what is going on. Reluctant to spend the money though, might just get a cheap one from Poundland. Right thanks for reading my rant.

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