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Painful periods

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Funnyface1 · 13/07/2019 18:12

Hi all,

I'm on at least my 3rd extremely painful period. The day I start I seem to fill with wind and then it's all stuck low down and I'm in agony.

Started again yesterday and I had a really bad night. It had eased off a bit this morning but it's back again now. I'm so bloated, my stomach is massive and rock hard. I can't pass any wind at all, I'm in agony.

I'm literally hunched over, can't straighten my body up. Nothing I've tried will make my wind move.

I've been googling and the results point towards endometriosis of the bowel. I've never had trouble with my periods so I'm new to all this and haven't seen a gp yet. It's extremely hard to get an appointment but I'll have to try cos I can't go on like this.

Just posting to see if anyone knows why my periods might be suddenly unbearable and if there's anything I can do to move this wind. At home with 2 kids and feeling desperate.

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