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Pelvic pain

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An2018 · 09/07/2019 11:40

This is a bit embarrassing but I have NO IDEA what is happening! And I wonder if anyone else has went through the same and may have some answers?

So basically in the last month or two I have experienced some bladder weakness ie waking up in the middle of the night for the toilet and literally running sometimes for the toilet, constantly going throughout the day but only a little amount comes out (DD is 18 months old) also I have felt like bubbles in my vagina like a massive ball when I’m walking about, and it’s uncomfortable oh god this is EMBARRASSING!! blush I also have pain in my lower abdomen and lower back pain, on my left hand side of my abdomen can be really painful to touch sometimes ☹️

I’ve had a urine test and BV, Thrush tests all came back normal and my doctors has decided to refer me for scans!?!?

Anyone been through this and know what’s going on?

Should mention I didn’t have any problems after having my little one only in the last two months things have changed

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