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Endometriosis...anyone else have this?

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trytrytry · 08/07/2019 18:23

I had my lap on Friday and was told any endo found would be removed.
Woke up and was told they found a tiny spot on right side of uterus but nowhere else.
No scar tissue /adhesions.
Nothing stuck together.
She said my ovarys/Fallopian tubes are clear.
She said it was that small it wasn't worth removing and I could try the hormone pill.
They've discharged me but I have so many queations
What stage of endo do I have?
She said it wouldn't affect my chances of children but will it?
Why couldn't they just remove it so it was gone.
Anyone else have any info

OP posts:
savingshoes · 16/07/2019 01:21

Go to endometriosis - uk . Org. There's some info that might help. Go back to your GP to discuss results. They seem to be working on the 'ruling things out' theory... which is great but solving symptoms of the problem is only half the battle. Perhaps get some blood tests done and maybe look at your hormone levels and discuss these along with nutrition with a health professional.

Pells · 21/07/2019 13:17

I have stage 4 I have organs that stick together and have endo in alot of place from bowel to pelvic floor. My only time being sympton free is while being pregnant. I was told I wouldn't have children but here I am a mam of 2.
Im not sure about the egg freeze I was asked to consider being a segregate.
It sounds like they found yours early stage 1 maybe I was 16 when I was diagnosed and I'm almost 28 now.

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