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Delaying (v. heavy) period over holiday but high BP

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UpsyDaisysarmpit · 07/07/2019 12:02

Just wondered if anybody knew anything about this (sorry it's one of those TMI sort of posts 😳).
I've had big uterine fibroids since before I had my first baby (have had 3). They were detected on all the scans. They shrank with each pregnancy which improved symptoms, but then started to grow again and the pain and heavy bleeding worsened. Then when I got pregnant again they shrank again and had a few months of relief. Unfortunately my youngest is now 9 and periods had become unmanageably heavy. Like even with a mooncup it needs sorting every hour on the worst days. So about 2 years ago I saw the doctor and got referred. They did a hysteroscopy and attempted to remove the fibroids which failed as they were too big. So I went into theatre and they wanted to do an ablation after removing fibroids. But there was a huge one that the previous Dr hadn't seen, and they abandoned after 90 minutes trying to remove stuff. Then I was seen again by the first Dr who attempted to remove but said her instrument wasn't suitable and put me through to surgery again saying next it would be a hysterectomy but I would need to lose weight first. Then I found out i had thyroid cancer late last year and all of this paled into
insignificance. Have had my thyroid removed and the cancer, radioiodine this May. Just waiting for follow up appointment. I have to have a high dose of thyroxine as part of the treatment to suppress the cancer from returning. It's leaving me feeling a bit like I have an overactive thyroid.
Anyway, since the injections I had (to help shrink the fibroids) have worn off, it has come back even worse. Lots of huge clots, this month some were more like liver and really big, can't go far from a toilet. And it's due again when I am off on holiday 😖. It's a pool and beach type of holiday, and I can't help but think the constant leaking will ruin it for everyone. I am up several times a night to empty the mooncup and often need to change clothes because I stand up to flooding all over everything (also often on the bed). I have high strength tena pads because other stuff doesn't cut it. But I really want us to have a good holiday after a stressful year.
I want to go to the doctor and ask for something to delay things. But A. Is it going to work for me and B. I have quite high BP at the moment, so far untreated but pops up every time I go into hospital. Will they say no on the basis of this? It's coming up as things like 150/100 after resting.
Going to go to the Dr but any idea of what to expect would be very welcome.

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Herocomplex · 07/07/2019 14:04

No advice to offer, but just huge amounts of sympathy. I hope you get your holiday and that things improve for you soon. X

LizziesTwin · 07/07/2019 14:07

Have they offered you a hormone IUD? That might be good long term but a bit late for this summer as it can take a few months to settle down. Another possibility is going on the pill but it depends on your blood pressure. I had norestherone (sp?) but I felt locked in PMT. I’ve just had an endometrial ablation as my periods were similar to yours, the gynaecologist at the hospital described them as ‘torrential’ which was v accurate.

UpsyDaisysarmpit · 15/07/2019 19:48

Sorry for forgetting that I had posted this!
Herocomplex thanks for your kind words xx
LizziesTwin 'torrential' is how I would describe this too. I can't have an IUD or an ablation because the submural fibroid distorts and enlarges my uterus, sadly.
Anyway I saw a GP today, and due to my weight and my BP being 183/110 she was very sorry but I couldn't have anything to keep the period away on holidays.
She has now given me pills to get my BP down so there is that I guess.
Thanks to those that posted, I do appreciate it. Sorry for huge delay!

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