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Mini Pill - Cerazette

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lizxoxo · 06/06/2019 17:55

Hi everyone!

So I'm about to stop taking cerazette after 4 years. I've had a few side effects but the main one is weight gain. I've gained about a few stone over these past few years and I can't seem to lose weight whilst being on it.
I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience with this pill? What was it like for you after stopping taking the pill?

Thank you all

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iheartgin · 06/06/2019 19:04

I don't have much experience but am also interested in the replies.

I have been on cerazette for 10+ years and have steadily gained weight during that time - can't definitely say it's the pill as other factors such as having children, poor diet, less active have also come into play.

However I've recently stopped taking it due to it no longer agreeing with me after I've had my second baby so am interested to see if I can shift some of the weight. Have a lot to shift so probably clutching at straws a little!

ReganSomerset · 06/06/2019 19:08

I don't think I ever gained weight with it tbh. And since going back on it at 6m pp, the baby weight has melted off completely. Different people react differently though.

sar302 · 06/06/2019 19:15

At my last appointment the nurse asked me if I felt my weight gain was to do with my pill. I told her I was fairly certain it was all the chocolate... My point being there is definitely a possibility of weight gain as a side effect, recognised by healthcare professionals. But only you really know if your pill, or your eating / exercise is to blame.

lizxoxo · 06/06/2019 21:48

I've been eating really healthy and exercising 4/5x a week and I'm not losing weight. That's why I'm thinking it must be the pill. Did anyone else experience this? How long did it take to start losing weight again?

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