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Period like bleeding after smear

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14weekspp · 01/06/2019 17:12

After some help if anyone can! I am 14 weeks post partum and was overdue a smear test. I had one yesterday and started spotting a couple of hours later. This has now turned into full on period style bleeding. I'm not cramping, not really in any pain and had no sense that a period was on the way. I am exclusively breastfeeding (baby has not had a bottle at any point, I'm not pumping) and my period had not returned up until this point.

I rang 111 this morning, a GP called me back and went through my symptoms, and basically told me it was my period. I'm quite worried as I don't think this is the case, I think it's a mighty strange coincidence that someone goes fiddling around in there and hours later a period arrives! Has anyone else had a proper flow of bleeding that is like a period after a smear? Is it normal?

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