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Breast exam question

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ghostbusters · 30/04/2019 20:23

Should you do your breast exam lying down or standing up? Possibly a stupid question, I know!

Lying down I can feel a lumpy area at the bottom of one of my breasts but when I checked in the shower, standing up, I couldn't really feel the lumpy area....

I went to the breast clinic early last year after I found a lump. The nurse found this different lumpy bit that I hadn't noticed before but I got the all clear after mammogram and ultrasound scan. I can't decide whether this is the same lumpy bit or worse (it's not a defined lump more a thicker texture of tissue). And I'm not sure I'm doing my breast exam right. I'll chat to my GP but I don't wasn't to waste time if it's not new and I'm just paranoid.

OP posts:
itbemay1 · 30/04/2019 20:58

I would get it checked anyway. I usually do mine in the shower with some shower get as it's easier to check that way

ghostbusters · 04/05/2019 13:40

Thanks for replying. I'll book an appointment with my GP. I hate being a woman sometimes!

OP posts:
Mamamia456 · 05/05/2019 21:12

Hi OP, glad you're going to GP, but to answer your question, you should check your breasts lying down - I was told this by a GP.

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