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Ureaplasma in Pregnancy

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zweikucken · 19/04/2019 07:39


I am a long-time lurker but this is my first post.

There is a history to this, which in a nutshell amounts to problems “down there” since pregnancy with ds1.

It all began (albeit maybe coincidentally..) after an early tv pregnancy scan in a non-medical setting - so followed soreness, discomfort and a yellow discharge. Nothing found in standard swabs.

Fast forward to birth and the postnatal period; ds was unexpectedly light for his dates and I had huge problems healing from a 2• tear - suspected infections, but low and behold nothing showing on standard swabs. Cue myriad “wide spectrum” antibiotics, taken to no avail, with problems only worsening (assume due to depleted flora).

20 months of breastfeeding were the icing on the cake for my poor vagina and I ended up in a really bad way, with nothing overtly suspicious ever found except for a massively-off pH, yellow discharge and visible atrophy.

Side note: First pregnancy/birth took place in East London and were mostly NHS/GP-managed; I now live in Berlin (Germany) where women see a Frauenarzt (obgyn) as standard for female issues.

In January of this year, my obgyn discovered ureaplasma. It’s something I had read and wondered about before, without realising it wouldn’t be swabbed for as standard. I took Doxycycline for 3 days, during which time my symptoms rapidly improved (discharge turned clear/white on day 1 and it no longer burned to pee); however, the drug made me very sick and I was switched onto Clarithromycin for 10 days. Symptoms were kept at bay for a week or so, before returning while still on this drug. Was re-swabbed but found no trace of ureaplasma (at this point, only a new overgrowth of vaginal ecoli Confused which we assumed was the new cause of symptoms and treated with povidone iodine suppositories + a concerted attempt to reestablish the good bacteria).

Ds turned 2 in February and I am now 6 weeks pregnant with dc2. Very happy to be pregnant again - it’s much-wanted and happened quickly (after taking two years to brave dtd again). However: had a control swab taken a week ago, which has come back showing higher-than-expected levels of ureaplasma Sad Angry

My usual doctor is on holiday, so I spoke to her colleague who suggested avoiding oral antibiotics at this stage in pregnancy. She advised ‘Symbio vag’ to target the area with good bacteria and create less favorable conditions for ureaplasma to overgrow (was already using Multi Gyn Flora Plus, but S.Vag contains lactobacilli, Vit c and an acidifier/lactic acid so I suppose it’s the full charm offensive). Due for next appointment with regular doc on Friday to discuss next steps.

I’m now finding it very hard to stay positive about the pregnancy. It is like someone has flipped a switch and my mind is made up that it’s not destined to work out Sad All I find online suggests the likelihood of miscarriage/premature birth as a result of these bacteria. The obgyn indicated that antibiotics are only given to symptomatic women (hello!) and would be given in the case of PROM, but isn’t it too late by that point for them to really do any good?

Has anybody here had experience of ureaplasma in pregnancy? With any advice or reassurance on the subject?

I should mention that dh was also treated (he was fine on doxycycline) at the same time as me, so the likelihood of him passing it back to me when ttc is low.

Thank you for reading - any insights much appreciated!

OP posts:
NS05 · 02/12/2019 19:12

Hi I know this is a while ago but I'm 5 weeks and just been diagnosed - please can you let me know what the outcome was?

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