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Cervical polyps

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Lalaloopylu · 10/04/2019 17:02

Hi, went for a routine smear test today and they seen a large polyp, they're referred me to gynachology. I had never heard of these before. Has anyone had any experience in having them removed?
Thank you

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stucknoue · 10/04/2019 17:07

Yes, have one or two every smear. It takes 5-10 mins at the hospital, no need for any anaesthetic even. A tiny bit of blood (just wear a sanitary towel) and by next day you are fine

Lalaloopylu · 10/04/2019 17:12

Thank you for your reply, I was freaking out but it's good to hear it's straight forward 🤞🏻😁

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stucknoue · 10/04/2019 17:16

They always ask if I'm working (I am) and give me the first appointment at 8am, I'm in work for 8.45.

BillywilliamV · 10/04/2019 17:17

Eat before hand though and don’t drive yourself to the appointment unless you can wait half an hour or so. I fainted after I had mine removed, I NEVER faint.

Lalaloopylu · 10/04/2019 17:22

I'll maybe book the day off work and milk the recovery to my DH🤭I'm just so relieved as I made the mistake of googling it and thinking the worst, thanks so much for the advice.

OP posts:
barryfromclareisfit · 10/04/2019 17:24

Had some removed under local, in and out in an hour, home on the bus, no problem. Had a large one removed with a spinal, like epidural. They wanted me to stay overnight but I had plans so they discharged me. Needed a lift that time. All was well.
They also found what they thought was a calcified pregnancy but didn’t talk to me about it.

Akrotiri1 · 10/04/2019 21:44

I recently had 3 removed.

I was sent to a colposcopy clinic, which in itself is a little scary, as is also where you go if you have had an abnormal smear and need further investigation - cue a waiting room full of cancer leaflets and very anxious ladies.....

2 were easily removed by twisting off at the base, totally painless, but unfortunately the 3rd was harder. It had to be removed by the lletz procedure - from what I understand being cauterized by a loop of electric wire. I was given a local into the cervix, and although the injection was a little painful, the removal was fine.

The whole procedure lasted approx. 45 mins. A little 'ungracious' especially as my gynae was male, but the nurse was lovely and made a great effort in distracting me.

I felt fine after but was advised to have a good sit down and cup of tea/something to eat before returning home. I am sure I would have been fine to drive but in hindsight, glad my partner came with me and acted as support/chauffeur!

Recovery can take up to 4 weeks - no penetrative sex, no swimming in public baths and no extreme exertion. I ride horses and was told not to get back on for a couple of weeks and keep it gentle.

I bled lightly/spotted for about 4 weeks - the first week was a bit gross as where I had been cauterised some burnt bits came out....stunk but apparently normal after a lletz. But if you just have a normal polyp removal, you shouldn't have this, but imagine will still have some bleeding.

I was relieved to have mine out - I had been bleeding non stop for 5 mnths and these were the culprits, so nice to get life back to normal!

Good luck x

Ramina · 16/04/2019 17:21

I have just had a smear and they found a polyp on my ovary. I had no symptoms at all so I was really shocked to see it. The doctor said it’s nothing to worry about and to keep an eye on it. Has anyone had the same? Isn’t it best to remove it? I’m a very anxious person so this is really worrying me. Any advice would be helpful.

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