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Help.. I'm giving up.. feeling VERY slow... bladder pain..

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Amimissingsomethinghere · 02/04/2019 15:48

I've just about had enough. To cut a long story short..
When I was 8 weeks pregnant I got cystitis symptoms.. but no urine infection was detected. Back and forth and the docs for a few months on different antis. No help. Feeling awful. Not as bad as a chronic infection but constantly feeling full and 'aware' of bladder.
Anyway here I am nearly two years later, I've been seeing someone who is considered the top professor to deal with these problems for the past 1.5 years to not avail.. I've tried bladder installations, acupuncture, various antibiotics.
I'm at an ALL time low. He hasn't really specified if it's an inflammation thing or an embedded infection (most of my cultures show up small infections).
I just honestly can't do this any more. I've already been to the loo like 13 times today...
I love my little darling boy but I'm struggling and really not coping with life.
Does anyone have any experience?? I used to be so healthy and now all I think about is my bloody bladder.

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Amimissingsomethinghere · 02/04/2019 15:48

Meant to say low... ugh couldn't even be bothered to read it properly I've just given up. Excuse the grammar

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hoodeeharhar · 02/04/2019 16:01

That sounds awful , it must be really grinding you down.
At the risk of sounding facetious have you chucked all the usual at it? Plenty of water, cranberry juice etc.
I'd read somewhere that vitamin d deficiency could contribute to bladder infections. Couldn't harm taking a supplement or having it checked.

Hope you find relief soon.

calamariqueen · 02/04/2019 18:39

You don't have any additional symptoms- saddle numbness/lower back pain etc? I had this with slipped discs...

ValleyoftheHorses · 02/04/2019 18:44

Is your top professor Prof James Malone Lee?

Amimissingsomethinghere · 02/04/2019 18:52

Nope - no other symptoms.

I had my bloods checked all fine..

Just the feeling of a raw bladder.. :(

The prof I am seeing is Vik Khullar... but I'm giving up now. Going to see Malone Lee, I'm on his waiting list and the earlier app is end of Aug...

Does anyone have any experiences of him? XxX

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Amimissingsomethinghere · 03/04/2019 10:47

Anyone?? The prof treats LOADS of people... where are you all?

Anyone with any advice / experience? Success story? I'm at breaking point xx

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