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Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

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elsie1234 · 01/04/2019 07:20

I'm after some advice. 3 weeks ago I had a laparoscopy to remove fibroids and hysteroscopy to remove polyps and cervical ectropian. There weren't any complications and 5 days after the op my surgeon said all tests were clear. I am due to see her again in 2 weeks. I am still bleeding. Not period quantity but there is always blood there. Last Thursday I was feeling much better and no blood but pains are back and blood!! Has anyone else had this? I thought the constant period pains would have gone by now!
Would be great if anyone can advise me.
Thanks Smile

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elsie1234 · 01/04/2019 15:11

Any advice??

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MigGril · 01/04/2019 15:20

I had a laparoscopy recently only just to remove an ovary with a painful cyst. I had bleeding for about a week but you've had more done. Still if it was getting better but has started to bleed more/be more painful again then it's worth getting back in touch with them or getting checked out by your GP to rule out anything like an infection.

I still had pain at 3 weeks so I would say, pain would be normal don't do what I did and try to go back to work to soon. I just ended up having to have more time off. I'm just getting back to work properly now, although I do have quite a physical job.

elsie1234 · 01/04/2019 17:16

Thanks for the reply

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elsie1234 · 01/04/2019 17:18

Thanks so much for your reply. So how long did the pain last? The dr told me some people bleed for 4 weeks. I was hoping I wasn't one of them. I did lift some heavy shopping last week so I was wondering if I did something then or it is all just part of recovery.

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