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organic / reusable sanitary pads

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emmagrace96 · 25/03/2019 15:40

hi all, so i decided to start using a mooncup rather than tampons as i think it's more sustainable and better for the environment, and obviously cheaper in the long run, I wanted to give it a shot and see, however after just two months of using it i fell pregnant, now 12 weeks with my second child and I'm wondering about organic / reusable pads, does anyone currently use them ? I'm thinking of using them during the postpartum period as it's not advised to use moon cups or tampax etc, I could use normal maternity pads but I'm trying to reduce the amount of waste that we produce as a household.

My post partum bleed with my first wasn't very heavy at all, and only lasted about a week and half, and was pretty much like a normal period. Obviously I know it could be completely different this time but wasn't as heavy as I expected and I didn't need to use the maternity pads I bought, just the normal ones.

I'm using reusable nappies with my second so the washing wouldn't be an issue as I'd bung them all in together.

What is anyone's opinions of them? Are they worth it ? Are they more comfortable. Any info/ advice is greatly appreciated.


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Karigan195 · 25/03/2019 15:43

I use reusable washable pads. Sometimes I gets pretty heavy flow and they have been able to cope really well in fact better than disposables to date. Not tried for post partum bleed yet but pregnant myself so been looking and they do do some heavy bleed versions for maternity

NannyR · 25/03/2019 15:43

I've tried several different brands and I like the Imse Vimse ones best. I've bought mine from a website called earthwise girls - they have a selection of sizes and brands.

Karigan195 · 25/03/2019 15:44

Oh and 100% more comfy for me for sure. They keep putting fragrance in disposables which irritates me!

RidingMyBike · 25/03/2019 15:54

I've had my washable ones for about 12 years now and still going strong. Can't remember where I bought them but they are simply fabric with poppers that attach round your knickers. I tend to have two very very heavy days with periods during which I use disposable (Natracare or Naty), especially if it's a work day when it's a lot harder to get to the loo. The rest of the period I use the washable ones.

I found PP bleeding was a lot lighter than having a period so would have been fine to use the washable ones - except I'd been prepared for something horrific so had bought loads! Maybe buy one or two packs for use in hospital and once you're home and see what the flow is like? I got the Natracare maternity pads which were very comfy.

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