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Can I improve my heavy periods?

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elliejjtiny · 12/03/2019 10:21

I don't get much pain but after each pregnancy I have my periods have got heavier. I can't do surgery or the mirena. Mini pill didn't make any difference. Tranexamic acid helps with the flow but makes it longer. Haven't tried a moon cup but I haven't been able to use tampons since dc4 as they shift about so i'm assuming a moon cup would do the same. Tena lady pull ups with 3 maternity pads inside has been life changing and I have finally stopped leaking but I am now spending £40 per period on sanpro which is just ridiculous. Is there anything else I can do?

OP posts:
AttilaTheMeerkat · 12/03/2019 15:23

I would ask your GP to refer you to a gynae; the cause of your heavy bleeding needs to be properly determined. Fibroids for instance can often be the root cause of what you describe and you do not want to become anaemic as a result of your period bleeds.

LewesHamilton · 12/03/2019 15:40

The more anaemic I am, the worse my periods (which is just stupidly self-defeating for my body I know) so I just try to catch up with iron (200mg ferrous fumerate taken with orange juice to aid absorption) until the next period. If you are really anaemic, and that seems very likely, you can be given an iron transfusion but that has to be done in hospital I believe and is something you'd have to push for. But then you get to catch up and be at normal levels for the next period.

elliejjtiny · 12/03/2019 20:27

Thankyou. I saw a gynae about 4 years ago and they said I didn't have fibroids, pcos, endo or any other reason for the bleeding. Iron levels were normal as well although I should probably get that checked again.

OP posts:
TheFirstOHN · 12/03/2019 20:43

after each pregnancy I have my periods have got heavier
I had this and it turns out I have adenomyosis.

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