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Pregnancy, should I ring 111?

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MummyTaylor97 · 09/03/2019 17:38

Hello. This is my second pregnancy, I can't remember having this with my first! Anyway, the past couple of days I've had severe cramps and pains in my belly, however I've had diarreah and sickness too. Today I've noticed bleeding when I wipe, I'm 10 weeks pregnant and worrying as I've miscarried in the past. Any advice or wether to phone or not? I feel embarrassed for wasting tree time if nothings wrong

OP posts:
Madratlady · 09/03/2019 17:39

Always phone if you’re concerned, it’s what they’re there for

Prequelle · 09/03/2019 17:43

I'm the person who picks up the phone on the emergency gynae unit and advises you what to do.

Normally I would say that it's very normal to have cramping and bleeding during pregnancy, and unless you're soaking through pads it would be fine to wait and see your regular midwife/ book in with your EPAU.

However given the fact you're saying the pain is SEVERE and you have a history, I would probably ask you to come up to be assessed. The pain may be more to do with you having a gastro bug but I would want to be sure.

I would ring 111 as they will guide you to what's available in your area to get checked out.

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