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Pelvic Pain

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SAMT48 · 09/03/2019 10:38

Hi All. Need a bit of advice/reasurrance . Suffering with pain in right side of my lower tummy. Had a ton of blood tests including the Ovarian cancer one which all came back clear. Had a transvaginal ultrasound which apart from her not being able to see my right ovary was all completely normal. Now been referred to osteopath as I suffer with terrible back spasms. Had my first appointment last week and lady was lovely she explained it could all be to do with my femoral artery. Felt great after 1st session but a week on I'm in agony again. My anixety has now reared its ugly head and I'm now convinced the ultrasound is wrong.........I am ovulating at the moment so wondering if it's that, just asked hubby to get me some femanix ultra as I've heard they are good. I should also point out that I'm 48 this year.........Menopause? Perimenopayse? I don't know. Hoping you lovely people can reassure me xxxx

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