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Sore boobs!

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Blobby10 · 04/02/2019 11:31

This weekend just gone, my boobs have been really sore and tender and nipples have been sore too especially when I take off my bra. Before I start panicking that I'm pregnant is there another likely cause that anyone can think of?? I have a coil fitted and am nearly 50 so really hoping its something simple

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boble1 · 05/02/2019 16:16

Hormones? xx

Duckshead · 05/02/2019 16:20

Mine do that all the time OP even more frequently lately, I'm 53 and they seem to hurt all the time. Just had a breast scan and all ok from that perspective. I agree prob hormones (also have had mirena in for 7 years) Smile

Blobby10 · 06/02/2019 10:24

Thanks boble1 and Duckshead - I suspected hormones might be the culprit - so long as its not pregnancy even though I know logically that its highly unlikely and I had a period only a couple of weeks ago and have only had sex once since then Grin! Only had my coil for a couple of years but wish I'd had it ages ago - would have made my life so much easier.

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Cilly · 06/02/2019 14:21

Hi Girls,
I am feeling very nervous and vulnerable at moment and looking for some help. I went to my GP last Friday and had a breast check done. He found nothing and I don't feel any lumps or bumps!! But I am experiencing pain in my right breast for the last 3 weeks. The pain varies, and the location of the pain on the breast varies. It can be tingling, burning or a sharp pain and sometimes a dull ache. He has referred me to breast clinic in Mater and I am waiting on an appointment. I am 43 and have had two periods in the last month, with a lot of anxiety and mood swings going on also. I am so scared to go to appointment. I lost my daughter four years ago when she was 3 weeks old and since then I panic and think the worst in every situation. Any help would be so greatly appreciated and thank you for listening x

Blobby10 · 07/02/2019 14:09

@Cilly sorry I didn't see your post before. We ladies have a lot to put up with don't we?! I'm so sorry about your daughter - can't imagine how you deal with something like that Flowers

Regarding the breast aches and pains, I've had them for a few years but it's only now that they have become more persistent. All exactly as you describe, sometimes stabbing, sometimes burning, sometimes my nipples get so sensitive and sore I can't bear anything on them! One time it was my bra causing the pain - either it had shrunk or worn out but it didn't fit anymore. New bra and no pain!
Might it be worth you getting yourself fitted for a new bra?

You also may be heading into perimenopause when your hormones go haywire and these hormones could be causing the discomfort.

I think you are doing exactly the right thing getting checked out - are you also getting treatment and help for your anxiety and panic? These could also be not helping your symptoms.

Keeping everything crossed for you that you get this resolved Flowers

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