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Thank you- support with period pain/ endometriosis

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kikisparks · 01/02/2019 18:19

I posted on here some time ago, can’t find the post, in the middle of the night kept awake by my very painful periods and explaining my pain during intercourse and received a lot of support from women encouraging me to push for a laparoscopy which the gynae wasn’t keen to refer me for as my transvaginal scan was clear. I did push, and had my laparoscopy yesterday.

They found endometriosis on my ovary, vaginal wall and elsewhere in pelvis and were able to remove the first two but the last was too severe and will be difficult to treat. I also probably have an ovarian cyst but since I’m TTC the surgeon suggested leaving it alone for now.

I just wanted to thank all the posters (sorry I can’t remember who you are) for telling me that this level of pain was not normal and stopping me from feeling like a weak woman who couldn’t cope with normal functions. I should have a better quality of life now and my fertility may also be improved which was my main concern. Women’s pain is dismissed so much and I would encourage anyone who thinks their pain is more than it should be to push to have it checked. I was scared the lap results would come back showing no problems but even if it had i still deserved the opportunity to have it investigated. As it is I finally feel validated that my own knowledge of what was going on in my body was worth speaking about.

Saying all of this I’m not slating the nhs, the care I have received especially while in hospital is amazing, it’s the general dismissal of women’s pain by many people that is the problem.

Quite sore and tired now but emotionally I feel much better than I have in a long time, finally getting some answers. I hope anyone else going through this ultimately gets answers too.

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