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When you have every symptom

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almutasakieun · 21/01/2019 21:06

So, last July approx, I had an abnormal smear.
Went for a colposcopy, results were fine, don't need another smear for 3 years.

No, I've got every symptom of cervical cancer.

What do I do? See if the GP recommends another colposcopy?

Ok, I know you can't answer the damned questions, but I'm scared.

Can I have developed it so quickly after having 'mildly' abnormal cells? The colposcopy identified that, so I had a biopsy, and then the result was pre-cancerous changes. Happy letter telling me I don't need another smear for 3 years.

But now I've got every goddamned symptom of cervical cancer. So what are they going to do? Tell me I don't need any tests, that it's not funded? What is the GP going to do?

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Akrotiri1 · 22/01/2019 11:08

Having had a recent scare, when you research cervical cancer fibroids/polyps/womb cancer/endo/ovarian cysts etc all have very similar symptons.

One thing I do remember when researching about cc, and something that hopefully may make you feel a little more reassured, is that it is allegedly very slow to develop, so unlikely (although not saying impossible), so have developed since last july.

But you need to speak to your gp x

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