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Prolapse repair 2 days ago- is this normal?

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ChangingStates · 16/01/2019 18:21

Wonder if anyone can share their experience of pain/ recovery.
On Monday I had a pretty full on prolapse repair- anterior, posterior and amputation of cervix. I am doing ok on ibuprofen/ paracetamol, avoiding codeine as am constipated. The achy feeling across the front of my stomach has eased but I have quite a bit of pain around the back of my vagina opening between my legs, just before the perineum. A bit stingy, swollen and bruised feeling. Everything I've read talks about the achy uterus feeling but not pain in the lower vagina around the opening . Did anyone else get this?
Have pottered around gently today (no lifting apart from drinks) and sat up quite a bit and am worried I've done damage!

Thanks for any and all sharing!

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ChangingStates · 16/01/2019 19:17

Hopeful bump...

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namechangedbutneedadvice · 16/01/2019 19:59

Hi sorry I can't offer any personal experience but wanted to give you these Flowers and wish you a speedy recovery xx

ChangingStates · 16/01/2019 23:43

Thank you for the Thanks, they're lovely!

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Gammeldragz · 16/01/2019 23:48

No person experience, but I'd imagine given there are far more nerve endings at the opening of the vagina than inside, the bruising and inflammation is being felt there? Instruments, packing etc will have given you a bit of a battering.
If you take a stool softener alongside the codeine it will prevent constipation, don't shy away from it if it will make you more comfortable.

Seaweed42 · 18/01/2019 10:12

I had a prolapse repair 4 years ago. It is a shock coming home from hospital, because it has a big impact on you. For a while the cure seems worse than the disease but it will all come good. You will see an improvement week to week.
If you are worried ring the hospital Ward that you had the operation on, the nurses there will give you advice of what's normal to expect. Best of luck with it.
My repair is still fine, best thing I ever did, and I rarely even think of 'down there' nowadays, I know you won't think that's possible but you will get there too hopefully.

ChangingStates · 19/01/2019 05:24

Thanks seaweed, I'm so glad for you are happy with your repair. I am pleased I had mine done just seem to be anxious about it having worked and about doing damage to the repair! The lump I can feel is weird and different so again reassuring to hear for a while the cure feels worse, guess I do need to expect all kinds of swelling and weirdnessConfused

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alidew · 29/01/2019 17:08

I had similar 8 weeks ago - I just posted an update. I also had this and think it was my stitches being swollen. It's such a sensitive area, so try not sitting directly on it for too much. I lay on my side to watch TV and read a lot for the first 2-3 weeks. I also had daily baths with epsom salts and lavender oil after about day 4. That seemed to help. I didn't take codeine at all (they didn't offer it) and ate prunes with muesli and drank loads of water and herbal tea to help things along as the stool softener they gave me at hospital just make my poo so soft it wouldn't come out (sorry - TMI!). I see your post was 10 days ago so I'm hopeful you're feeling a little better by now x

littlecabbage · 30/01/2019 17:22

Yes ChangingStates, hope you are feeling better Flowers

PURPLERAIN79 · 09/04/2019 18:33

Hi. I have a uterine/ vaginal wall prolapse with cystocele and rectocele. Im looking at surgery. My vagina is very loose and open and the walls feel like they have fallen down. My orgasms are very weak and its difficult to get there if you know what I mean. Has anyone got any experience of sex before and after surgery so that I can have an idea of what is realistic?

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