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Possible endo but mri scan all clear

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WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 05/01/2019 19:12

Have been put on list for lap due to possible endo. However recent mri was 'normal' showing some small deposits on ovaries.
Can it still be endo if not showing on mri? Getting sick of the pain now

OP posts:
AttilaTheMeerkat · 05/01/2019 21:11

A laparoscopy is the best way of determining if endometriosis is present. Would not go solely by a MRI scan so endometriosis cannot be ruled out. Was any comment made about the small deposits on ovaries?.

LittleLongDog · 05/01/2019 21:17

With regards to endo: MRIs will only be able to identify dense or large endometriosis deposits. So a lap is the best way to diagnose. is a good resource for support and information.

WithAllIntenseAndPurposes · 05/01/2019 21:54

No as this was just a gp reading the report

See I've had some problems this week with excruciating pain in my lower left side. Registrar said endo can cause pain in many random areas but I just thought if it didn't show on mri surely can't be bad enough to cause that sort of pain?

OP posts:
Star8181 · 05/01/2019 22:44

Hi OP, just to say I’m in exactly the same position - waiting for a laparoscopy, hopefully next month, for possible endo. Already diagnosed with Adenomyosis. My MRI didn’t show a great deal either, consultant thought he may be able to see some endo, hence the lap. He said if they saw anything they would laser it off there and then, hoping that’s the case as I may see some improvement. Good luck with yours.

LittleLongDog · 06/01/2019 08:00

You can have Stage 1 endo (which is very minimal) and be suffering more pain than someone with Stage 4 endo. The pain doesn’t link to the amount.

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