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Self diagnosed as GP dismissive but anyone got irritable bladder syndrome?

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MrsGrindah · 05/01/2019 11:00

Posted before about this but it’s not going away. It’s not cystitis. Symptoms are sore tingly bladder, worse at night. Frequent weeing but not discomfort. I think wee is cloudy GP says not. Also smell a bit fishy. I’m 49 so probably peri menopausal. GP just says keep drinking fluids and Dr Google says no cure. Any advice? Going to buy one of those BV tests today

OP posts:
foreverdusty · 20/01/2019 09:00

My mum has this with her bladder extremely debilitating she won't go anywhere unless she knows where the toilet is at all times
Passes tiny amounts of urine and has extreme discomfort
Also frequent urinary tract infections
After literally years of this was eventually referred to a urologiygynaecologist
She had an in jection of Botox into her bladder it's been miraculous
Had the Botox in March last year symptoms are gradually returning so she is down for another.
Don't get fobbed off she could have been helped year s ago

JinglingHellsBells · 20/01/2019 16:48

what @foreverdusty is describing is overactive bladder.

The Botox paralyses the bladder muscle.

You need your GP to send off more samples to see if there is an infection.

You possibly/ probably need treatment for utrogenital atrophy- which is a symptom of menopause and often feels like an infection.

The treatment is vaginal estrogen (this is NOT HRT) which is a cream you insert or a small pellet.

Talk to your GP about this and ask to try it.
At the same time, maybe adjust your diet to exclude caffeine, booze, acidic and spicy foods and drinks, which can aggravate bladders.

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