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What could this be and who do I get checked by? Nurse, GP, GUM?

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HamsterBall · 09/12/2018 11:43

Blush TMI alert...... just wondering if anyone can advise on what this might be and who should I get checked by - not sure between nurse, GP or going to a GUM clinic. Or just an OTC medicine???

Had some issues over the past week or so. Discharge has been blood tinged / pink and also smells bad. It’s thin / watery, not thick. Early last week I thought I had been incontinent as realised my trousers were wet and smelt but now I think it was just a lot of this discharge that day maybe?

Also for about a month / 6 weeks my appetite has been less, feeling full up more easily. I’ve been feeling quite sick and nauseous often to the point I did a pregnancy test before my last period (not pregnant). Feel sick sometimes after eating. Bowels been slightly dodgy (bit loose). BUT I have anxiety / depression and have a new job so put those symptoms down to stress / nerves.

Is this likely to be BV (there is a smell but the discharge is red/pink not grey)?

No itching or anything like that. Highly unlikely to be a STD (married and no concerns about any cheating). I’m in my early 30s.

I’m worried about cancer now after googling Hmm Blush but had a smear early this year which was all fine. I also get ovarian cysts.

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