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Women's health

Ovulation pain

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noffink · 30/11/2018 20:51

I'm mid 40's and had this for the few years. It's getting more painful as time goes on. Lasts a day or two and is always just on the left side. It's like a stabbing type pain.

Does anyone get this?

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BooseysMom · 01/12/2018 19:43

Hi @noffink..I've been getting this and it was worse than ever last month. I'm 46 and ttc dc2 but the pain is so bad it makes me not want to do anything! Atm I've been in bed all day with the period from hell. What are yours like?

noffink · 03/12/2018 07:19

My periods are fine thankfully, I've always been lucky with that. Sorry you're suffering. I totally get not feeling up to much with the ovulation pain. How long have you been trying for?

OP posts:
BooseysMom · 03/12/2018 20:19

@noffink.. thank you. Well I had DS at 41 and have sort of ttc for a few years. But I'm 46 now and tbh a newborn as well as a 5 year old wouldn't be too clever an idea! So it looks like DS will stay an only. Do you have any dc's?

Schmoochypoos · 03/12/2018 20:22

I get this, the pain literally floors me for a few minutes on and off for half a day and then I’m completely fine. No period pains though. I was coming on to say mine seems to be worse since having the copper coil but if you are TTC then that’s obviously not anything to do with it!

Almondio · 03/12/2018 20:23

Google 'mittleschmerz'; ovulation pain is real, I describe it like a stitch, but lower down in the ovary area (!) Sometimes it hurts when I walk, and is really uncomfortable but doesn't tend to last more than a day or so.

arwenearlythereyet · 03/12/2018 20:28

Hurts like a demon. Got worse through my 30s, peaked in early 40s. Ow.

BooseysMom · 05/12/2018 17:09

Thanks for the msgs. Good to hear from you and that I'm not the only one who gets this thing!
@Almondio.. I was trying to remember the technical name for them ...mittleschmerz
..i knew it was a funny name rather like a festive German sausage ! Grin

Almondio · 05/12/2018 19:47

Booseys Grin I LOVE the thought of nagging fallopian pain as a festive German sausage! Hahaahaa

madmum5811 · 05/12/2018 19:50

I still get it post menopause gggrrr...

AnyFucker · 05/12/2018 19:52


I get javelin arse and draggy pains low down for 24 hours then they stop

MotherForkinShirtBalls · 05/12/2018 19:58

I've swapped awful period pains for awful ovulation pains. My belly gets rock hard and aches for 1.5-2 days then I get a sudden pain and it's over. It sucks.

BooseysMom · 05/12/2018 20:52

@Almondio ..Grin yes it's a good one that!

@madmum5811...if it goes on that long i will be a mad mum too! (Like now in fact)'s weird isn't it .Maybe nature saying 'cqome on get on with it..time is running out!'

BooseysMom · 05/12/2018 20:54

@AnyFucker..ok is 'javelin arse' what it sounds like?!! That sounds more painful than all of it put together Confused

AnyFucker · 05/12/2018 20:55

Yep. A pain like having a javelin up your arse.

Novasglow · 05/12/2018 21:33

Yep. I've had it for years. Now I'm on the pill I certainly don't miss it. It'd start as a nagging sharp pain on one side, would hurt to move whichever leg. Hurt to wee, all sorts, anything that affected my lower abdomen. I've been doubled up with it many a time and I have a high pain tolerance. Runs in my family

BooseysMom · 06/12/2018 19:56 that does sound pretty horrific although some people would pay highly for such an experience Wink

@Novasglow .. sounds awful. well I'll never go on the pill so it looks like I'm stuck with it. Although i dont get it bad like that every month. Amazing just how many women get this.

Madmozzie · 06/12/2018 20:04

Are you sure it's ovulation pain? I found out mine was adenomyosis, (cousin of endometriosis) and a cyst. Not ultimately dangerous, but v painful! And I'm the same age as you. See gp about an ultrasound.

noffink · 06/12/2018 20:13

I'm not 100% sure but timing is right.

I find it odd it's only from the one side but when I had a series of m/c & scans they always said the egg was from the left.

No idea what happen to the right ovary, may be one packs up before another?!

OP posts:
Madmozzie · 06/12/2018 22:12

Yes, the timing was right for me too, and only down one side.

noffink · 07/12/2018 13:27

Wouldnt class it as painful tbh more a niggle type pain for l a day or two. It's more annoying than anything else.

Interesting other get it & wondered if it's age related

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