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Awfully dry skin on face

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GG2018 · 30/11/2018 18:04

Hi all, I have suffered with psoriasis for a few years on my elbows and knees which I’m fine and have lived with!
However, every winter my skin on my hands and face is so bad that it’s even worse on my forehead this year - it’s so dry and flaky which as you can imagine - sucks!
I’ve tried face masks, e45 and even an inch thick layer of diprobase and it’s not touching it! Feels like I’ve tried everything (even rubbing an aloe Vera leaf on my face)
Anyone else have/had the same problem and have a miraculous answer?! Please note I’m really sensitive to perfumed creams so no harsh creams please

OP posts:
Bamaluz · 30/11/2018 19:45

Avene Skin Recovery Cream, they sell it in Boots, link here

It doesn't irritate or sting, in fact it is really soothing. The whole range is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin

ElizavetaBathory · 30/11/2018 19:53

Dermol. It is genuinely the solution to every skin problem I've ever had (eczema, reactions to steroids, fungal infection, dermatitis, pompholyx, bloody everything). It's not expensive, it doesn't smell, it soaks in easily, you can use it to remove make up, it's anti-microbial, it's not a steroid. Not sure whether you'd want the lotion or the cream - I use the lotion. It has cleared up a lot of long-term issues for me. They should pay me to sell it.

bouncydog · 01/12/2018 18:51

My GP recommended starflower oil ( I think for early menopause). Anyway one of the benefits was that my dry itchy skin also improved. Not an overnight fix, but could be worth a try longer term. Check that it would be ok for you to take with any other medication.

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