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Pink Discharge

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DumbleDork · 29/11/2018 15:34

Right this is gross but part of me is worried hence the asking for advice.

Last few times I’ve had sex I’ve had some light pink discharge afterwards. I can only see it when I wipe after going to the toilet afterwards and I don’t have pain as such, only mild cramping like mild period pain the next day.

I’m due my 3 year smear in February but a niggle in me is saying see a doctor now BUT my mother in law says it’s not post coital bleeding as that has to be red and that pink isn’t classed bleeding and I’d be wasting their time.

I’m right to fast track this and see a Dr now rather than waiting till Feb aren’t I?!

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Jessica2525 · 29/11/2018 21:22

Hi. Reading your post was like id wrote it myself. Ive been having pink discharge now for over a week...last night i had sex and my partner noticed lots of pink cm. Ive woke up with mild cramps and very tired and bloated. I went to the drs. I had a smear 4 months ago so they said that rules out anything serious. They have said its called hormone imbalance and to see how it goes. Im due on next week and they said that should clear it up. Ive brought evening primrose oil tonight as thats meant to be very good.
Let me know how you go. Seems we both got the same symptoms

DumbleDork · 29/11/2018 22:22

I’m thinking they will probably do my smear early if I go now. Can’t stop worrying though as my mum had cervical cancer at 37 and I’m 32 now x

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