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Acute polyhydramnios

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ReidyWhite · 26/11/2018 12:11

Hey new to this so I hope I am in the right place... I had a scan to check on the position of my placenta on Monday, everything was perfect, two days later I was at a routine check up and my baby measured way to big, I'm 34 weeks, she was measuring 37 weeks, sent to hospital to find out I have acute polyhydramnios! Stayed in hospital for 4 days to be told there is no incubators for me to be delivered so I am at home not sure what is going on! Anyone have any experience with this? This is my first baby and the change from everything is perfect to high risk pregnancy is very shocking!

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danni0509 · 26/11/2018 12:41

Hi there was a recent thread about this, was it you who posted? I cannot remember sorry.

If you type polyhydraminos the thread will come up I can't link it to you as I don't have a clue what I'm doing Grin

Basically a lot of ladies had the same including myself, it's not as rare as you may think.

Have a good read of the thread there are ladies currently in the last stages of pregnancy with the same condition like yourself so might be some use to you.

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