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Fibroids at 29

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Kja19kent · 21/11/2018 02:22


I recently visited my doctor as I’m on the mini pill and had been experiencing some spotting which was lasting a few weeks then it would stop for months and I some cramping with out bleeding which I was getting nearly every week. She sent me for and ultrasound as she said the cramping wasn’t normal while on the mini pill but the spotting was.

So when for the ultrasound and two days later the doctor rang me to say the ultrasound wasn’t very clear but from what she can see I have a insufficient fibroid she didn’t say how many or how big ect all that she was going to refer me to a gynecologist just to make sure everything is ok, she kept me on the mini pill till i see the gynecologist.

I’m now worried about my fatality, I don’t have no children, I did have a miscarriage 3 years ago and I had a scan after and it wasn’t there then. Will I be able to have children? I’m so scared I won’t be able to.

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