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Anyone with endometriosis?

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1wokeuplikethis · 12/11/2018 23:23

I’m so confused. I had a scan and a referral to a gyno who is 75% certain with my symptoms (pain based) that I have endo and I’m scheduled to have a laparoscopy imminently.

Meanwhile I’m on the mini pill which is really helping alleviate my pain as im not really getting periods.

However, I am constantly exhausted and my memory is atrocious. I often forget what someone has told me moments ago mid-conversation, dates/times/names/well known recipes, I struggle to recall all of those and more and I feel like my memory is getting worse.

Is this a symptom? If the mini pill is helping my pain, do I still have endometriosis?

I think I’m in the midst of a circle of problems; fatigue - bad sleep - poor memory - fatigue ad nauseum.

Additionally, I am fit and play sports but if I exert myself via exercise in the morning I am completely exhausted shortly after and for the rest of the day I just want to go to sleep.

Is this usual? I was so busy concentrating on the pain side of my symptoms (as they were my primary concern at the time) it didn’t occur to me to ask anybody about the mental side of things.

If I’m honest, I’m concerned there’s something serious that’s wrong with me and it’s not only endo but something more sinister lurking.

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1wokeuplikethis · 13/11/2018 08:02


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Gazelda · 13/11/2018 08:20

I had endometriosis (post menopausal now) but don't recall having the symptoms you describe. But that's not to say they're not linked to endo.
Can you go back to speak with your doc?

AttilaTheMeerkat · 13/11/2018 09:59

I would be looking at having blood tests done to see what your thyroid hormone levels are like. What you write of could be linked to some sort of thyroid issue.

1wokeuplikethis · 13/11/2018 10:00

Well maybe i should. I was on iron tablets earlier this year because my stores were 7 and they’re meant to be 250 (I think, I can’t quite remember). Just thought I should wait until my op and then at least I will knowbfor certain if it’s endo that I have. And I can ask about these other symptoms.

But if anyone had similar fatigue and memory problems with endo that would Be reassuring to know.

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Wendygoesfar · 16/11/2018 07:36

Get some bloods taken, low B12 can cause a lot of your issues listed and as an endo sufferer I have troubles keeping my levels up.. worth checking out for sure. Constant pain can have effects on your mental ability too.

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