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Advice on modern contraception for a teenager???

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loveyouradvice · 10/11/2018 15:40

Hi I think my 16 year old is about to start needing this....

What's the current thinking? She's had lots of sex ed at school but I'd love to get myself up to speed a bit so that I can help recommend - while knowing she'll want to go to the doctor solo. She's also very environmentally aware, but not sure if that is relevant

The Pill - definitely an advantage as she has horrendous PMT, etc - so perhaps for a few years, and then something more wholesome once in a long term relationship? Presume still much more reliable than condom?

Condoms and pessaries were what I used until I was 24... Do people still? Or not a great option?

Various implants - feels like a big step?

Monitoring one's cycle and using safe periods - feels too young to do this, and I suspect only recommended in a long term relationship - I can imagine her doing this once married.

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Nicky127 · 10/11/2018 19:58

There’s many options, the pill yes but only reliable if taken daily etc, the coil is also an option but some people have problems with the coil. There’s also depo provers injection that lasts for 13 weeks.
There’s also the implant that lasts 3 years and can be taken out if she wants to have a baby. I think she would be best going to speak to the family planning clinic to find out what would suit her best. Hope this helps

RainbowsArePretty · 10/11/2018 20:00

Implant is good as long term and no need to worry about remembering to take it etc.

JiltedJohnsJulie · 10/11/2018 20:09

All the information you need is here OP. Have you discussed the benefits of methods that help prevent STDs over other methods?

FermatsTheorem · 10/11/2018 20:13

If your DD suffers from PMS, don't assume that the pill will be a magic wand. Some PMS is due to progesterone intolerance, and the pill actually makes it worse:
(I was never able to tolerate the pill for this reason). Though at least with the pill you can try it out and come off it if it is sending you loopy/making you depressed (for this reason I would never advise a teen to go straight to larc as a first option - it's damn hard to find an HCP prepared to remove implants/mirena coils simply because a woman says they're affecting her mood, and obvious with depo, you can't "uninject" it.)

The other thing you need to be clear with her about is condoms, condoms, condoms. Fair enough to want a good contraceptive, but she needs condoms too. You can't trust teenagers to do the "let's both go to the gum clinic and make sure we're clean before we throw away the condoms" thing, so she needs to have it drummed into her that she must always use condoms for the sake of her sexual health and future fertility.

Essexgirlupnorth · 10/11/2018 20:21

Implant I got lots of spotting on for months till it settled down and struggled to get it taken out (to TTC) so not easily reversible if it doesn't suit here.

Friend that have had coils before having babies have found insertion very painful.

The injection is probably a good option as is the pill and obviously condoms too. Family planning should be able to talk her through the options.

Mumof1andacat · 10/11/2018 20:23

I think the implant/coils/injections are something to consider. You don't have to remember to take them and you still protected if you have a sickness bug. Might be better for her as if she unexpectedly stays over somewhere, she doesn't have to worry she might not have it with her. Best she discuss options with gp or nurse Yes agreed on the condom thing as above

Amara123 · 10/11/2018 20:37

At her age a long acting reversible contraceptive is best- implant or coil I would say. The most important thing to bear in mind is they all have side effects/downsides but these are better than the alternative!

loveyouradvice · 11/11/2018 16:54

Thank you everyone - and Jilted for the NHS link.

Big conversation coming up - and when oh when will we have a contraceptive without side effects... though perhaps that is too much to ask

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